Q. When will our order ship?
A. Parts orders usually ship in approximately 3-5 days. Machines take approximately 7-10 days, with the exception of the spring and fall machine restock orders.
These orders will take more time to ship due to the quantities sent in. Home Depot does not allow General to back order. Shipping information and ASN's are sent to
THD system several times per day.

Auto Feed vs. Manual Feed Machines

Q. Are the basic non-auto feed machine parts the same as the auto feed machines?   
A. No. Schematics and operating instructions for both types of machines can be found at    

Q. How do I qualify the customer when renting drain cleaners.
A. We recommend you rent manual feed machines to homeowners and the DIY customer and the auto feed machines to drain cleaners and plumbers.


Q. If the end of the cable breaks off, do I have to buy a whole new snake?
A. No. General has male and female quick fixes available for 5/8”,  ½” and 9/16" cables so you can reattach the connectors without welding.
Please refer to the
Cutters and Cables page for photos.

Q. What is the correct way to install a cable in the drum?
A. First, be sure to disconnect the machine from the power source before installing cables.  While looking at the front of the machine, the cable should be
installed so that it lays in the drum in a clockwise direction (as shown in the illustration). If the cable is installed in the wrong direction, it will tangle in the drum.

Finding Parts and Ordering

Q. How do I cancel an order?
We cannot change a part order, they have to be cancelled, machine orders can only be cancelled by your MA in Atlanta.
Please call Sherry at 412-771-6300 x 120 to have a parts order cancelled.

Q. I cannot find your part numbers in my system. Why?
Our part numbers are located in both the Parts and the Accessories menus. Do not use any dashes, slashes or spaces when looking for part numbers.

Q. How do I add a part number to our system?
Most times I can get any part numbers added to your system, just call and let Sherry know what you need.

Q. What is our Special Order SKU#?
US SKU# is 670-097   Canadian SKU# 111011

Q. Are the prices correct in our system?
Yes, all prices are correct in your system.
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