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1.  Which drain cleaning machine would you recommend for clearing tree roots?
2.   What types of drains can the Super-Vee be used for?
3.   Cable tangling in the cage is caused by:
4. If the automatic feed will not retract the cable:
5. To check the Speedrooter automatic feed to see if it’s working properly:
6. To get the maximum life out of the drain cable, it should be:
7.  If the end of the cable is broken off, you should:
8. If a renter complains that the Easy Rooter cage will not rotate while the cable is in the drain:
9. When the motor will only rotate in one direction:
10. The motor V-belt can be removed or replaced by:
11. The EL Basin replacement spring is used to repair the end of what diameter cable:
12. All of General’s drain cleaning machines are designed for one person operation.
13. When installing a new replacement cable into a Mini-Rooter, the cable goes into the cage in a clockwise
direction as you look at the front of the machine.
14. It is necessary to purchase an entire new cable when the female connector breaks off:
15. Bearings on General’s drain cleaning machines are permanently lubricated and do not need periodic lubrication:
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